Wedding Planning: Hire, Fire, Do You Self - Tips And Advice Must Read

Plan Your Own Wedding And Fire Your Wedding Planner
I have nothing against wedding planners. They serve a valuable purpose for those who can afford one. They take the stress off the bride so that she can just relax. But for the average couple that is planning a wedding they just arent worth it. Wedding planners are really just a luxury.

Here are 5 reasons why you should either fire your wedding planner or simply avoid them all together.

#1 She Cant Do As Good As Job As You Can
Wedding planners plan allot of weddings. Do you think she will put her heart and soul into yours? Will she care about your wedding the way that you do? Can she really plan your wedding the way that you have envisioned it? Only the best of wedding planners can do this. The odds are you wont have one of the best. They are simply rare or in high demand.

#2 She Is Just Too Expensive
Cost is probably the biggest reason why most brides avoid wedding planners. The wedding planner herself costs money and s…

All About Wedding Budget - Plans, Tips and Must Read!

Planning A Wedding On A Budget: Do You Make These 5 Deadly Wedding Planning Mistakes? Every bride deserves a wedding the way she wants it. Unfortunately, it still needs to be within a budget you can afford. Here are some mistakes many brides make when they are planning a wedding on a budget.

Mistake #1: Not Setting Priorities
You have to make the decision to decide where you want to spend the most of your money. Some want to spend allot of money on flowers. Other brides would prefer to spend more money on the dress. Its up to you. But you do need to decide on what the most important items are.

Mistake #2: Being Too Cheap
The point of having a budget wedding is by keeping things cheap. But this can also be a big mistake. For example, you dont want your amateur brother taking all those pictures. How many of those will really turn out good? Whoever you give a job to, you better make sure it is something that they can do well.

Mistake #3: Trying To Have A Big Wedding On A Budget

Tips What Should You Prepare for a Destination or Beach Wedding?

Destination and beach weddings tend to be very informal when compared to your traditional church or reception hall wedding. Despite this understood informality, many guests wonder what is or is not appropriate guest attire for a beach wedding.

If this is your first destination wedding, you can rest assured in knowing that the vibe of this type of wedding is naturally more laid back and fun. When a bride and groom invite you to spend four days and three nights with them in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico they want you to be comfortable when doing so. Even though destination weddings are considered informal, this does not mean that you should look like you are spending the day doing laundry. You can be dressy, without going overboard.

If you attend a lot of weddings, you probably have a closet full of tea length dresses, cocktail dresses and pants suits in dark or muted colors. Ditch the black and somber colors for this type of wedding. The beach is a fun pl…

The Importance of Wedding Speeches And How To Prepare Funny Wedding Toasts

No wedding is really complete without a round of celebratory speeches...... 
They can really add a sense of class to your reception-and they can also be a mixture of inspiration and humor.  You may not remember the exact words of the speeches a month after your wedding-but you'll certainly recall the sentiment expressed.

The Father of the Bride's Words of Wisdom
Nothing is quite so touching as the father of the bride getting up before his beloved daughter and her spouse and saying a few words.  Traditionally, the bride's father welcomes the groom's parents, the relatives of both families, and honored guests.  He then formally welcomes the groom to his family and delivers some fond remarks about his daughter.  He should end by calling upon the best man to propose a toast for the health and happiness of the newly-married couple.

A Memorable Moment from the Best Man
The best man generally acts as the toastmaster for the event.  His speech should be whimsical an…