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Planning A Wedding On A Budget: Do You Make These 5 Deadly Wedding Planning Mistakes?

Every bride deserves a wedding the way she wants it. Unfortunately, it still needs to be within a budget you can afford. Here are some mistakes many brides make when they are planning a wedding on a budget.

Mistake #1: Not Setting Priorities
You have to make the decision to decide where you want to spend the most of your money. Some want to spend allot of money on flowers. Other brides would prefer to spend more money on the dress. Its up to you. But you do need to decide on what the most important items are.

Mistake #2: Being Too Cheap
The point of having a budget wedding is by keeping things cheap. But this can also be a big mistake. For example, you dont want your amateur brother taking all those pictures. How many of those will really turn out good? Whoever you give a job to, you better make sure it is something that they can do well.

Mistake #3: Trying To Have A Big Wedding On A Budget
The reality is that your going to have a really difficult time doing all the catering yourself for a really large wedding. Its too much work, it will stress you out, and you wont enjoy yourself. Cut that guest list if you cant afford it. You have heard it before, but it is true. Its allot easier to afford to feed 50 guests then is 200. Its also allot easier to do your own catering for 50 guests then it is 200.

Mistake #4: Being Too Easy
Brides are notorious for being really easy to sell to. There emotions get in the way, its their special day, and they are suppose have everything that they wanted for this special day. Thats a very dangerous way of thinking. Its the sort thing that can lead to a very large debt. Always work to get the price dropped down. Try to get vendors and sellers to give you a better deal before you say “yes”.

Mistake #5: Not Knowing What You Want
If you dont know what you want then someone else will choose for you. Often the person who does the choosing will be a wedding vendor. Its your money and you should be the one choosing how it gets spent. Know what you want and tell them how much you can afford.

 Plan your fantasy wedding on a budget. Avoid wedding scams and get the lowest prices on every part of your wedding. Its simple, it works, is stress free, and makes planning your wedding fun.

Budget Wedding Advice: 10 Awesome Tips For Self-Catering Your Own Wedding

Some couples have no option but to cater to their own wedding. They simply dont have the budget to make it work. This doesnt mean you cant have great tasting food at your wedding. You just need to be a smart planner and become a decent cook.

Here are 10 random tips that will help you cater your own wedding and make sure everything goes smoothly.

#1: Be realistic about what you can afford and your guest list. 200 guests will be more work then what most people can handle. 50 guests should be something you can handle without much of a problem. Too much work will just stress you out.

#2: You need storage for the food. If your guest list gets high then you may need to find a place to store all that food or bring in extra storage. This could cost you extra money.

#3: Decide on the time of day you will serve food. You dont have to limit everything to a full course meal time. You could reduce the amount food you need by having breakfast or a mid-afternoon tea.

#4: What about insurance? If people get sick from your food you may have a problem. You need to look at the laws in your area for this type of thing. You very well may need to protect yourself with some liability insurance.

#5: When will you prepare the food? Some people prepare the food months ahead of time and freeze it. Some people hate this idea because they believe frozen food doesnt taste as good. I was at a wedding once where the food was frozen and I only new that after someone told me. Its up to you, but your guests may never be able to tell that it was frozen.

#6: Will you need equipment? Where will you get it from? What will it cost to rent it? Hopefully someone you know will have things that you dont already have.

#7: You will need a kitchen to make the food in. Decide on whos you will use. The bigger the better. Inspect the kitchen carefully to make sure everything is in good condition.

#8: Make costco your new best friend. You will be able to lots of foods and ingredients there fro cheap. You may even choose to buy some of their frozen food in bulk to save money.

#9: Make easy recipes and ones you have made before. You dont want to waist your type experimenting with new things. Stick with things that are proven to work for you.

#10: Decide on transportation. Who will take the food to its destination? Can you keep it cold or hot on the way there?

Plan your fantasy wedding on a budget. Avoid wedding scams and get the lowest prices on every part of your wedding. Its simple, it works, is stress free, and makes planning your wedding fun.

Budget Wedding: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Caterer For Your Wedding

Catering for your wedding can be very costly. The larger your guest list is the more expensive it gets. Because catering can be expensive most couples want to get the most value for their money.
Here are 5 secrets every couple needs to know to get high quality catering at an affordable price.

#1 Hidden Fees
Many catering services may have some hidden fees in their price. An example of this is the very common cake cutting fee. This is where they charge a fee for cutting the cake. Make sure that all of these hidden fees are known ahead of time. Simply ask them if there are any other fees that you should know about. It is possible to have some of these reduced or negotiate to have them thrown out.

#2 Comparing Caterers
One of hardest parts of selecting a catering service is their offer. This is due to the options that are often available to you. For example, a wedding located at a hotel may offer you a very compelling package. They may give you catering, a place to stay for the night, a discount of rooms for your guests, a bar, and hold the entire reception and ceremony for you at one price. Your going to have to evaluate things based on what your needs are and budget.

#3 Can You Customize The Menu?
When you check with different caterers your going to have to review their menus. Do they have what you want? Can you make changes to the menu? Will they design the menu based on what you want? Some catering services are very strict about what they offer.

#4 Setup And Cleanup
You need to ask each caterer that you interview what sort of services they provide when it comes to setup and cleanup. Different caterers provide different things and at different prices. You need to find out how this can effect the price ahead of time.

#5 What Do They Provide?
This is another thing you need to find out well ahead of time. What sort of silverware do they provide? What about plates and napkins? Will you need tables and chairs? These are things you need to take into consideration and could effect the price of a service.

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