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Plan Your Own Wedding And Fire Your Wedding Planner

I have nothing against wedding planners. They serve a valuable purpose for those who can afford one. They take the stress off the bride so that she can just relax. But for the average couple that is planning a wedding they just arent worth it. Wedding planners are really just a luxury.

Here are 5 reasons why you should either fire your wedding planner or simply avoid them all together.

#1 She Cant Do As Good As Job As You Can
Wedding planners plan allot of weddings. Do you think she will put her heart and soul into yours? Will she care about your wedding the way that you do? Can she really plan your wedding the way that you have envisioned it? Only the best of wedding planners can do this. The odds are you wont have one of the best. They are simply rare or in high demand.

#2 She Is Just Too Expensive
Cost is probably the biggest reason why most brides avoid wedding planners. The wedding planner herself costs money and she may not do a good job staying within your budget. Can she get the flowers you want at a price you can afford? Is she good at negotiation? Your just giving someone else allot of control on how to spend your money.

#3 She Increases Stress Instead Of Reducing It
Wedding planners are suppose to help you reduce stress. Some brides find that they increase the amount of stress. What happens if she doesnt get the flower arrangements right? What happens if she keeps canceling appointments? What happens if she is always late? What if she doesnt understand what it is that you want? You end up with a much bigger headache then what you would if you planned the wedding yourself.

#4 It Might Be Easier To Have Friends And Family Help You
This is very true. It might be much easier to get people you already know to help you out. These are people who care about you and want your wedding to be the one you always dreamed of. You can have grandma make a cake and your great-aunt do the flower arrangements. It creates that family bond that many enjoy.

#5 It Can Be More Fun To Do It Yourself
Although, planning a wedding can be stressful its also very fun. Dont you want to enjoy all the shopping? Going to bridal shows? Coming up with wedding ideas? Its something you may only do once in a lifetime. Why not enjoy it?

7 Must Ask Questions For Hiring The Perfect Wedding Florist

Flowers play a very important role in a wedding. They add lots of color, beauty, and even tradition to a wedding. This is why every bride wants to hire the right florist for the job. Hey, its your money and you want to make the most of it.

These are 7 crucial questions you should ask a florist before you hire them. By asking these questions you can be certain that you get the best florist for your budget.

Question #1: Do You Have Actual Photos Of Arrangements You Have Done?
This is a very important question. You want to see real pictures of their work. Its possible that they will only show you stock photography that could have been someone elses work. Good florists will have pictures of their work and be proud to show you them.

Question #2: Can You Work Within My Budget?
A good florist will start coming up with numerous ideas for you to choose between. Many good florists wont even hesitate. This shows you right off the bat that she will work within what you can afford.

Question #3: What Is Your Delivery And Setup Options?
Will the florist deliver and setup? What will the extra cost be? This is what your trying to find out. If the price is too hight then you might have to find a different florist.

Question #4: How Many Weddings Do You Have Booked For The Week Of My Wedding?
You dont want a florist who overbooks. This can effect the quality of their work. If they have more then one wedding make sure that they have enough help to handle all that work.

Question #5: Can You Work With Fresh And Silk Flowers?
This particular question can be very important if your on a budget. Some couples want to mix and match fresh and silk flowers to stay within their budget. However, some florists may not be willing to do that.

Question #6: Do You Have Rental Items?
Some florists will have items that you can rent. Find out what it would cost to rent some of these items and see if they have items that you need.

Question #7: Who Will Arrange Your Flowers?
Not all florists work alone. Find out who will be doing your arrangements and talk to them.

4 Must Ask Questions For Hiring The Right Wedding Photographer

Selecting the right wedding photographer is never an easy task. You have to factor in the quality of their work, the quality of their service, and your budget. This requires you to ask the photographer plenty of questions and a photographer who is willing to answer those questions.
Here are 4 crucial questions you should ask any photographer before you hire them. This will almost guarantee that you get a great photographer who provides you with great service.

Question #1 Do You Offer A Free Consultation?
You should always get free consultation before your wedding. This is a good sign that your photographer cares about giving you quality photography the way that you want it. You should discuss shots, types of pictures, where you want those pictures taken, and so forth. A good photographer will want to make certain that they capture your vision. This shouldnt be at an extra cost.

Question #2 What Sort Of Experience And Background Do You Have?
Wedding photographers come with a wide range of backgrounds. Some of them are just amateurs, some of them just graduated from photography school, some of them do it part time, some of them do it professionally, and some of them come from a different photography background. The key to all of this is to find someone you feel confident in and comfortable with.

Question #3 What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?
This is important for a variety of reasons. You want someone who uses professional equipment and you want to know if the pictures will be taken in digital format or film. Many today are using digital, but some will do both. I personally would recommend that you have them done in digital format. A good photographer might even throw in the digital pictures on a CD to do with as you wish. Many good photographers will also touch up the photos with photoshop (software for editing pictures) for no extra cost.

Question #4 Do You Provide A Contract?
Make sure you get all of the details in writing. Wedding photography isnt cheap. Getting it all in writing will help protect your investment. A signed contract is needed in order to finalize any deal between you and the photographer.

Budget Wedding: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Caterer For Your Wedding

Catering for your wedding can be very costly. The larger your guest list is the more expensive it gets. Because catering can be expensive most couples want to get the most value for their money.
Here are 5 secrets every couple needs to know to get high quality catering at an affordable price.

#1 Hidden Fees
Many catering services may have some hidden fees in their price. An example of this is the very common cake cutting fee. This is where they charge a fee for cutting the cake. Make sure that all of these hidden fees are known ahead of time. Simply ask them if there are any other fees that you should know about. It is possible to have some of these reduced or negotiate to have them thrown out.

#2 Comparing Caterers
One of hardest parts of selecting a catering service is their offer. This is due to the options that are often available to you. For example, a wedding located at a hotel may offer you a very compelling package. They may give you catering, a place to stay for the night, a discount of rooms for your guests, a bar, and hold the entire reception and ceremony for you at one price. Your going to have to evaluate things based on what your needs are and budget.

#3 Can You Customize The Menu?
When you check with different caterers your going to have to review their menus. Do they have what you want? Can you make changes to the menu? Will they design the menu based on what you want? Some catering services are very strict about what they offer.

#4 Setup And Cleanup
You need to ask each caterer that you interview what sort of services they provide when it comes to setup and cleanup. Different caterers provide different things and at different prices. You need to find out how this can effect the price ahead of time.

#5 What Do They Provide?
This is another thing you need to find out well ahead of time. What sort of silverware do they provide? What about plates and napkins? Will you need tables and chairs? These are things you need to take into consideration and could effect the price of a service.

7 Deadly Mistakes Brides Make When Hiring A DJ For Her Wedding

Most people would think that hiring a DJ would be simple. As long as they do a good job playing the music that is all that matters? Right?
There is more to hiring a DJ then what you may think.
Read this article to discover the 7 deadly mistakes brides make when hiring or working with a DJ.

Mistake #1: Not Trusting Your Gut
This applies to any wedding vendor. If something doesnt feel right about this person, then you shouldnt be doing business with them. It could be the tone of their voice, the look of their website, the way they look at you, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable.
This should be one of the major factors in choosing a DJ. They need be someone you feel comfortable with, someone you connect with, and feel good about.

Mistake #2: Not Talking To The Right DJ
When you use a DJ company make sure that you get to talk with the DJ who will be working your wedding. You dont want the company to send you a different DJ then the one who knows what you want and knows your wedding program. Get the DJ you have requested in writing on a contract.

Mistake #3: Hiring The Cheapest DJ They Can Find
Allot of couples hire a DJ because they are allot cheaper than a band. This is sometimes taken too far by certain couples. A cheap DJ is not always as good as a more expensive one. Some of the better DJs do a great job making introductions, adding some humor to the night, use better equipment, and know when to change the flow of the music.

Mistake #4: Poor Communication
The DJ should have a rough idea of how the night is going to go, what a few of your favorite songs are, and should be aware of any changes you make before the wedding day.

Mistake #5: Expecting The DJ To Play Only The Music You Like
A good DJ will try to play a wide range of music for different peoples tastes. It just isnt realistic to give the DJ a list of songs and expect him to play that list. The DJ will mostly likely try to change things up over the course of the night based on how your guests react to the music.

Mistake #6: Not Hiring A Wedding DJ
You have to remember that not all DJs work weddings. You preferably want a DJ who has experience with this sort of an event. You want a DJ who puts a focus on the bride and groom. Some DJs like to put more focus on themselves or talk to much. Remember, that many DJs also act as MCs and make the night go smoothly.

Mistake #7: Not Hiring A DJ Who Is Professional
There is nothing wrong with an amateur DJ provided they conduct business like a professional. Do they talk to you like a professional? Does the DJ take notes? Do they take the time to get to know you? Do they ask you lots of questions about your wedding? Do they take notes? These are the signs of a professional DJ.

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