Tips What Should You Prepare for a Destination or Beach Wedding?

Destination and beach weddings tend to be very informal when compared to your traditional church or reception hall wedding. Despite this understood informality, many guests wonder what is or is not appropriate guest attire for a beach wedding.

If this is your first destination wedding, you can rest assured in knowing that the vibe of this type of wedding is naturally more laid back and fun. When a bride and groom invite you to spend four days and three nights with them in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico they want you to be comfortable when doing so. Even though destination weddings are considered informal, this does not mean that you should look like you are spending the day doing laundry. You can be dressy, without going overboard.

If you attend a lot of weddings, you probably have a closet full of tea length dresses, cocktail dresses and pants suits in dark or muted colors. Ditch the black and somber colors for this type of wedding. The beach is a fun place, the colors you wear should reflect that. Go for an all white linen outfit or knee length dress in bright summery pastel colors.

Your fabric choice is another important aspect of your destination wedding guest attire. You obviously want to avoid heavy fabrics due to the heat. Light airy fabrics such as linen, soft jersey knit, flowing silk and crisp cool cotton are the best options for beach weddings. Depending on the time of year, finding clothing in these fabrics may be difficult, you can always make your purchase online which will likely save you a ton of money as well.

As for accessories, leave the heirloom jewelry at home. A simple pearl necklace and earrings is more than suitable. Complete your look with flat sandals or kitten heels; attempting to wear high heels in the sand is a sure fire way to sprain an ankle!

Do You Want a Beach Wedding – That Isn’t Actually on the Beach? 3 Tips for You!

There are hundreds of great reasons to have your wedding ceremony on the beach, and twice the number of reasons as to why you may not be able to do it. Many couples dream of a destination or beach wedding and for reasons such as inability to travel, costs, restrictions and “family feuds” – it becomes a dream deferred for most.  The best way to overcome the obstacles and get as close to your dream as possible, is with an indoor (or outdoor) beach theme wedding.   In fact, you can tell them on your invitation “We could not get you to the beach, so we are bringing the beach to you!”  While sand and beautiful blue waters are what we love most about beaches, you don’t necessarily need either one to recreate a beach wedding indoors.

There are several components to an indoor or outdoor beach theme wedding, use these to turn your boring drab reception venue into a tropical paradise!

Color Scheme:  Your color scheme will be the most vital aspect in creating an indoor beach theme. As you are reading this, I want you to visualize all of the different colors that come to mind when you think of the beach or a tropical destination. You are likely visualizing vibrant shades of blue, bright orange, coral pink, sandy white and rich fuchsia. Use those colors as the primary color palette for your wedding, including your bridesmaid dresses, favors and table center pieces. Beach weddings are fun and exotic – so you have more freedom to play with colors than you would in another wedding theme.

Décor: After you select a color palette, you will need to decide on your décor. Surprisingly enough a “beach theme” encompasses many things.  You may want to try a Hawaiian theme, Caribbean, or Florida Keys – then there’s also a “tropical” beach theme versus a more ‘exotic’ theme. The two are not the same when you really think about it. For a Hawaiian theme, grass skirts, tiki torches, bamboo, leis and the sound of drums is very appropriate. In Caribbean wedding themes you will see more palm trees, vibrant colors and lots of flowers. Play on all the senses when creating your décor – your guests should see, feel, smell and “touch” the beach. You will accomplish this through your color palette, music selection, food offerings and wedding favors. Look for exotic flowers, exotic scented candles, fruit platters and foods specific to tropical or Caribbean destinations.

Food:  Many reception halls require that you use their catering facilities, and more often than not – their menu selections are less than desirable for recreating an island wedding theme. If you are still in the planning stages, consider a venue that either doesn’t offer catering services in house (meaning you HAVE to have your own caterer) or one that has a Caribbean selection.  A dinner selection full of authentic Caribbean cuisine will be a welcomed surprised for your guests. It doesn’t happen often, and for most people – they rarely have the opportunity to eat Caribbean food outside of the Islands. Your reception will be one talked about for years to come.

Again, if you can’t bring your guests to the Islands – bring the Islands to your guests! These are just a few tips to get you started – visit my website now for more valuable advice and information.

Beautiful Bridal Jewelry Options for Your Summer or Beach Wedding

Jewelry and accessories are a vital part of a bride’s wedding day attire. This is often the time where she is gifted with an expensive peace, one that will serve as a keepsake or something she can pass down to her own daughter. It is also customary for the bride to give her maid or matron of honor and bridesmaids a token of appreciation, this token is typically a piece of jewelry that they are all to wear during the ceremony and reception.  If you are having a summer wedding, destination wedding or a wedding on a beach – you are probably looking for bridal and bridesmaid jewelry to match your theme or the season.

There are several trends when it comes to summer bridal jewelry and accessories; they are the trend of color, stone or “organic” materials.

Color:  When we think of the summer season and beaches we automatically visualize blue waters, white sands, coral colored stones, and a beautiful bright sun, so blue and shades of coral are two of the more popular colors in beach wedding jewelry. You can incorporate these colors into your accessories in many ways. When it comes to something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – consider blue colored jewelry. There are blue gemstones such as aquamarine and topaz. Then there are also beautiful blue stones like turquoise.  Pink coral is a beautiful gemstone, it is very delicate and feminine and a great gift to give to your bridesmaid.

Stone: June not only marks the beginning of summer and school vacations, but it is also a peak month in the summer wedding season.  The birthstone for June is the pearl, and the pearl has also come to represent a favorite stone for brides no matter the season of her wedding. Needless to say, choosing pearl accessories for your beach wedding just makes sense. Pearls are also a great option because as far as jewelry goes, this is something that both you and your bridesmaids can wear for years to come. A great strand of pearls is a “must have” for every woman’s jewelry collection. Depending on the style of dress, either a short strand or longer strand is equally acceptable. Keshi or coin pearls are also a popular stone choice.  Keshi pearls are organic in shape. Where you’re standard pearl is always round, coin pearls are “natural” in shape. This makes them unique and a gorgeous alternative for summer wedding jewelry.  The great thing about pearls is that they come in a variety of colors; light pink pearls are my favorite.

Go Organic: For a truly natural experience, many brides go eco-friendly with their wedding day accessories. Instead of stone or pearl accessories, they look to their surroundings. ‘Necklaces’ and anklets made of local flowers and organic materials are beautiful and unique.  Try creating necklace and anklet sets from the same flowers found in your bouquet.  Seashell jewelry is also another organic idea. If you are a crafty individual, have fun collection seashells from the beach and take the time to decorate them into personalized pendants for your bridal party. Not only is it a unique jewelry piece, but your attendants will appreciate the time and energy that you put into such a thoughtful gift.
Whether you choose your jewelry for the color, the stone or organic – you really can’t go wrong.

Incorporating Jewel Tones into Your Summer or Beach Wedding

There are colors associated with every nature season within the wedding industry. The Spring wedding palette is typically full of soft hues and lighter floral colors such as marigold yellow, blush, peony purple or powder blue. Fall and winter weddings see dark colors that mimic the changing colors of the leaves burnt orange, chocolate browns, sage green and various reds come to mind. Summer weddings tend to follow the same color palette as Spring, but there has been a rising trend of rich jewel tone colors in summer weddings; more specifically beach theme and/or destination weddings.

Traditional wedding palettes tell us that darker rich colors for summer weddings will not work; however the very essence of the tropics, beaches and exotic destinations is highlighted by rich vibrant colors. Incorporating the colors found within the natural environment not only works, but it makes total sense as well!

There are core groups of colors that work best within beach weddings; turquoise, topaz blue, amethyst purple, tourmaline pink and bright orange. You can tone down these colors with an accent shade like soft white or pink. If you still have concerns of loud over-bearing colors, you can use them in other ways as well.

Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Attire: You could obviously make your jewel tone color a focal point by using it as the primary color of your bridal partys attire. Visualize the beautiful blue ocean, white sands, your crisp white gown, your grooms white linen suit, and then the bridesmaid in gorgeous turquoise strapless tea length dresses. The imagery is amazing due in part to the bold splash of jewel tone color.

Floral Arrangements: The next obvious choice is to use your floral arrangements as a way to bring your splash of color. Its best to consult with  a wedding florist however here are a list of flower ideas that you may want to toss their way use green Cymbidium Orchids, raspberry Roses, and hot pink Gerbers to create a beautiful arrangement or even table center piece. Orchids, Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, plumeria, anthuriums, and hot lava flowers are the perfect answer to a Hawaiian or exotic wedding theme.

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